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Battery charger an tester curatio®
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curatio APL-4/48 Changes from the standard version of curatio APL-4: 48 voltage switching power supply. Charging voltage up to 45.0V. Connection for two battery packs. Discharge / charge current 2 x 20mA to 3,0A NiCd and NiMH-batteries 12 – 24 Cells Lead-acid batteries    7 – 18 Cells LiIon-batteries    4 – 10 Cells Freely programmable     discharge and charge voltage between 3,0V – 45,0V In a battery voltage is less than 12.0 V, the charging current is limited to 1.0 A. With discharging is, when the battery voltage is greater than 38.0 V, the discharge current is limited to 2.0A. Battery connect via 4mm Book (as shown above) Article no. 10094    With external program memory and    battery connection via 15 pin D-sub connector (not shown) Article no. 10095 PC-Software curatioWIN3  for the APL-4/48  Article no.  20031