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Battery charger an tester curatio®
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curatio P4     The curatio P4 is a microprocessor controlled battery-charger / discharger for connection of up to four rechargeable battery blocks. The battery blocks hooked can be charged or discharged independently of each other.  Easy operation of the instrument by four buttons. The parameter values are shown on a illuminated LCD display with 16 x 2 digits.  Individual charging processes can be used for each battery type with battery- dependend loading shut-off at a full battery. An overloading of the batteries, therefore, is inhibited, even if the batteries are connected permanently.  For each of the four channels the charging- and discharging current can be programmed individually. The current for each channel can be programmed in steps of 5 mA, starting at 20mA and up to 1300mA. The maximum current for all 4 channels is 2,2A.  Throughout the process of charging or discharging the capacity of the battery is measured and is shown on the display. After complete loading of the battery the curatio P4 automatically changes over to stand-by charging.  curatio P4 is designed for charging and discharging nickel-cadmium-batteries, nickel-metal-hydrid-batteries, lithium-ionen-batteries, alkali-mangan-batteries, round-cell batteries and plumbbatteries.  Battery blocks with 2 to 12 cells can be connected. Lithium-ionen-batteries with 1 - 4 cells. Alkali-mangan-batteries with 2 to 11 cells. Plumbbatteries of 1 to 8 cells.  For batteries suffering loss of capacity -so called 'memory effect'-, the mode 'conditioning' can be programmed. In this mode the batteries will be charged, discharged and charged again several times. The batteries with 'memory effect' improve their capacity by this process. Up on discharging the measured capacity will be compared with the capacity measured before. The process of discharging and charging will be repeated as long as there is an improvement in capacity.The battery will be charged and discharged during the 'conditioning' at least twice.  curatio P4 automatically detects battery connection. The programmed mode will be performed automatically upon connection.  The examined values of the connected batteries can be read out by curatio P4 serial interface. The battery data may be printed in formatted in table isting or in a sticker format.  The standard curatio P4 is provided for 230V/50Hz main power connection. Optionally 115V/230V main supply connection are available.  Operating instructions is available in english language. The display language can be switched between ´German´ and ´English´.